But watch out sesame is one of the most  allergic foods in the whole world. In European Union countries and Canada it is mandatory to add a warning on commercial products that contain sesameSesame allergy is very common among kids.
A type of protein that sesame contains may sometimes cause severe allergy. Especially in recent years number of people who are allergic to sesame is increasing every day. And the reason for this is not known yet.
Sesame is expressly not recommended for babies under 1 year old and children who have allergy history in their family. Sesame is highly dangerous for children with atopic dermatitis.
Symptoms of sesame allergy; vomiting, dizziness, diarrhea, rash, itching, sneezing, occlusion, coughing, nasal discharge...
If you suspect sesame allergy, you must consult your doctor.
If your baby is allergic to sesame, it is time to start acting like a "label detective".
When you have to buy packed products for your child, you should read its label. But sometimes, on the labels, sesame is not listed among ingredients. Here are some other names used on labels for sesame: Benne; Gingely; Til/Teel; Sim sim; Anjonjoli; Flavoring; Seeds; Sesamol/sesamolina; Tahina/tahini/tehini; Vegetable oil
And also pay attention to sesame oil. Sesame oil is used a lot in cosmetics and especially in cosmetic products for babies.
If your baby has sesame allergy, she may also be allergic to kiwi, poppy, hazelnut, rye and cumin. You'd better check the labels for these as well.
Keep in mind
There is a big debate going on around the world about the time to give sesame to babies. For example in UK, sesame is added to diet of babies after month 6. In USA, this time is set as month 8. In some other countries, they wait until the baby is one year old. Some experts even think we should wait until baby is 3 years old. Consult your doctor before giving sesame to your baby.
Nutritional value of 100 gram sesame;
Protein 17.0 gram
Vitamin A 9.0 IU
Folate 98.0 mcg
Calcium 989 mg
Iron 14.8 mg
Magnesium 356 mg
Phosphor 638 mg
Potassium 475 mg
Sodium 11.0 mg
Zinc 7.2 mg
Manganese 2.5 mg
Selenium 5.8 mg
Omega 3 - 363 mg
Omega 6-20657 mg

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