How to do

Wash the potato with clean water; peel the skin off and chop it.
Chop the carrots.
Cook the potato and carrot in 2 glasses of water for half an hour with the lid on.
Boil the semolina in another pot.
Then mix all the ingredients.
Adjust its consistency the way your baby likes it.
Process semolina, potato and carrot in a blender.
If your baby has just started to eat solids, you may increase the amount of water to keep it more fluid. Now it’s time to enjoy this lovely mealJ Bon Appetit!


There is no harm in cooking this dish with extra water.
If you think the amount of water you used was too much, just cook it for one or two more minutes.

Keep in Mind

Semolina is listed under Grains section of the food groups pyramid.
For more information about foods to include in your baby’s diet and their benefits, we advise you to read our article .

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