How to do

Boil the potato and grate it.
Grated potato is added in a pan.
Grate kashar cheese on top and add butter.
Beat and stir the mixture. Turn off the stove when kashar cheese melts.
Half a tomato, half a cucumber and olives are chopped finely
First tomato is added to the cake mold;
another layer of potato…
Finally olive and another layer of potato is added to cover it.
Turn the mold upside down.
You will see that it has a very colorful, nice look. And you can hide the cheese inside.
Such a colorful, tasty, surprising dish to enjoy for your little gourmets…. Bon Appetite!


You may add eggs to the puree during the cooking process if your baby has reached to the month when he can have eggs.


Remove any ingredient that is not suitable for your baby’s age and use it for younger children.
Please note that tomato is highly acidic and has allergy risk.

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