How to do

Cherries are blended in a blender.
Semolina is browned in a little amount of oil
3 glasses of water and cherries are added.
The heat is reduced and the mixture is stirred for approximately 20 minutes. Before you turn off the heat, add the molasses. Take it of the stove and set it aside for 1 hour. Serve it by sprinkling cinnamon on it.
This is a tasty dish for the whole family. And as the name says it, t’s definitely a wonderful treat for the little princessesJ Bon appetite for the whole family!


Brown the semolina until you feel the smell.
Make sure that it does not burn :)


Some believe that cooking molasses is not healthy.
So in this recipe we add molasses after the food is cooked.

Keep in Mind

For 12- month old babies, you can replace water with milk .

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