How to do

Boil the dried fruit in two tablespoons of water in a coffee pot for 8-10 minutes with until it is soft. Let it cool down.
In a small bowl, combine the rice flour and the water at room temperature.
Stir the mixture at medium heat and bring to boil.
After it begins to boil, reduce the heat and cook for 5-8 minutes.
Take it off the stove and transfer the mix to a bowl. When it is tepid, add dried fruits, cinnamon and grounded walnuts.
Let it cool down a little. Ready to serve! Enjoy sweet moments with your little gourmet. Bon Appetit!


Keep in mind that water should not be hot, otherwise the rice will form lumps.
You have to stir it continuously while cooking.
This lovely dish does not require a long cooking time.
If it is too thick, add some cold water during cooking and continue to stir.
Don't forget that the pudding will be thicker when it cools down.
It’s good to have a fluid dish when you take it off the stove.
If your baby has just started to eat solids, you may increase the amount of water to keep it more fluid.
There is no harm in cooking this dish with extra water. If you think the amount of water you used was too much, no problem; just cook it for one or two more minutes.


Generally, babies are recommended to eat walnut after 1 year of age.
However nowadays many doctors advise walnuts in their diets after month 6.
Consult your doctor before feeding walnuts to your baby.
If you are going to prepare the organic rice flour at home, you will need to wash the rice thoroughly.
As you may know, rice is grown in mud and you need to clean it well before cooking.
After washing it thoroughly, place it on a cloth and dry it.
Then add the rice and grind it in a food processor.

Keep in Mind

You may use breast milk or formula milk in this recipe.
You may use any dried fruits for this recipe.
Pick the fruit that is suitable for your baby’s age and follow the three-day waiting rule for each ingredient you add.
Do not add cinnamon if you’re cooking this recipe for the first time. We recommend you to give cinnamon after month 6 and after your baby gets used to eating pudding.
First give it to him with the tip of a spoon and gradually increase the amount.
Cinnamon goes very well with pudding; just try it and you will love it!
Note for the mothers of delicate babies:
Cinnamon also juices up the appetite!

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