How to do

In a small bowl combine the oatmeal and water at room temperature.
Stir the mixture at medium heat and bring to boil.
After it begins to boil reduce the heat and cook for 3-5 minutes.
Take it off the stove and transfer the mixture to a bowl; wait for it to cool down a little.
Add the formula milk you have prepared with water or breast milk to the oatmeal.
Now it’s time to enjoy this healthy and sweet treatJ Bon Appetite!


Water should not be hot otherwise oat will form lumps.
You have to stir it continuously while cooking.
This dish does not require a long cooking time.
If it is too thick, add some cold water during cooking and continue to stir it.
Don't forget that the pudding will be thicker when it cools down.
So it should be a little fluid when you take it off the stove.
If your baby has just started solids, you may increase the amount of water to keep it more fluid.
There is no harm in cooking it with extra water.
If you think the amount of water you used was too much, no problem; just cook it for one or two more minutes.


You may prepare the same recipe with cow's milk for children older than 1 year old.
Don't feed your babies cow's milk before they turn 1 year old.
Fungus may easily grow in oat and oatmeal.
So always make sure that the oat is fresh.
Buy oat only from very reliable markets.
Keep in mind that production and storage process of oat requires great attention and caution.
If you sense a heavy smell while cooking, don't serve it to your kids because it is possible that oat is stale.
Always taste it before serving it to your baby.
If it has a somewhat astringent or bitter taste, this can be considered as another sign that the oat is stale.

Keep in Mind

You may use breast milk or follow-on milk while cooking.
Gurme Bebek advises you to add milk after cooking process is completed so that milk is not exposed to high temperatures and does not lose nutritious elements.
How about a little adventure?
You may create your own recipe using this recipe for pudding made with oatmeal.
Don't forget to share your recipes with mothers of other little gourmets!
Click here for detailed information about oat.

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