How to do

First melt the butter in a small deep pan.
Add the semolina and oatmeal and roast them till you get the nice roasted smell.
Combine the remaining ingredients - chop the fig into pieces - and mix them and then add milk/water.
Continuously stir to prevent lumps. And simply grind it in food processor. One of the best puddings ever, right? Probably you’ll hear these lovely words from your little ones...
Bon appetite!


If your baby is younger than the age of 1, use only water in this recipe.
Always consult your doctor about the foods you introduce your baby for the first time and follow the three-day waiting rule 
From the links below the recipe, you can find information about the time to introduce dried fruits to your baby!

Keep in Mind

I used red seeded grapes in the photo. You may adjust the ingredients according to your little ones’ taste.

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