How to do

Sauté the potato in olive oil.
Add in the boiled water; watch out for the oil that may sputter out of the pan.
Add the lentils and boil for 10 minutes.
Finally add the tomato and purslane and boil for 5 more minutes.
You may thin it with a blender if you wish.
Now it’s time to enjoy a delicious soup and heartwarming moments with your little gourmetJ Bon Appetite!


It's up to you and your baby how grainy the mixture would be.
But don't forget that in early months, babies should get used to grainy form of foods.
If your baby refuses to eat grainy forms of food in the future as well, blender will have to be your best friend.
But of course always observe the signals your little gourmets and adjust the grainy form accordingly.


Experts don't advise serving tomato to babies under one year old.
If your baby is under one year old, please remove the tomato from the recipe.

Keep in Mind

Purslane is an amazing source of Omega 3.
For more information about this vegetable and its benefits, we advise you to read our article from the link below.

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