How to do

Scoop out the seeds of 500 grams of rose hip and wash them.
Add 1 liter of water in the pressure cooker, bring to boil and cook the rose hip for 30 minutes. Pass through a sieve.
Add salt, black pepper, cumin and mince.
Roll the mince in your hands to form small meatballs.
Add the meatballs to the boiling water.
Add the flour and butter in a pot
Roast the flour until it turns brown. Add in the strained rose hip water.
Stir for 15 minutes
Then add the boiled meatballs.
Simmer some more…
Add the mint that you have fried in butter.
Serve it hot.
YummmyyyyJ For cozy moments of joy and love with your little gourmets…
Bon Appetite!


Always consult your doctor about the foods you introduce your baby for the first time and follow the three-day waiting rule.

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