How to do

Wash thoroughly and chop the spinach.
Sauté with a little olive oil.
Squeeze the juice out of it.
Process the onion and garlic in food processor.
Mash the boiled potato.
Separate egg yolk and the egg white.
Knead the potato, spinach, mince, onion, garlic, egg yolk and spices.
Round it in your hands like a meatball.
Coat it with egg white and then flour and fry it in a pan with little oil.
Now it’s time to enjoy this healthy, delicious dish. Bon appetite!


You can also bake it, without frying and your dish will be healthier.
When you coat it with flour and egg white, it becomes like meatballs dipped in egg batter and fried; they could be consumed more easily without it falling into pieces, yet you can also fry it like regular meatballs.


This recipe contains egg white.
You should not give egg white to your baby before they turn 1 year old.
For children under 1 year old, you may prepare this recipe without coating it with egg white and flour.

Keep in Mind

Spinach meatball is a great finger food.
Your baby will love to grab it with her little fingers.
To learn whether your baby is ready for finger foods or not, click here.
You can read detailed information about benefits of spinach in our article .

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