How to do

Soak the green lentil overnight.
Sauté the onions.
Add in the tomato paste, green lentils, cracked wheat and garlic.
Immerse chard leaves in hot water for 1 minute.
Place the mix in the center and fold the edges in the form of a triangle or like classic stuffed vegetables.
Ready to enjoy with your little gourmetJ Bon Appetit!


Bigger the chard leaves, easier to fold them…
Chard is an appetizing, digestive food that prevents anemia and that contains iron, magnesium and calcium minerals.


Stuffed chard is a food that babies can eat by themselves,  so you may serve it to babies older than 1 year old.
Tomato is an allergenic food.
For children younger than 1 year old and for hypersensitive children, remove the tomato paste from the recipe.

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