How to do

Sauté the onions in butter.
Add the garlic and sun root.
Cook for 3-4 minutes.
Add milk and water.
Melt the starch in a little amount of water, pour it into the milk and water mixture, and stir. Turn off the heat when cooked.
You may thin it with a blender.


Due to digestive problems that milk may cause,  Gurme Bebek advises you to exclude milk from the recipe for babies under the age of 1.
If your baby has gas pains, you may remove onion from this recipe. For ways to overcome gas problems click here.
When you are introducing garlic, serve it along with another food that you are sure your baby is not allergic to.
In other words, don't introduce a new food with garlic.
And then follow the three-day waiting rule.
Also always taste the food with garlic before you serve it to your baby.
Some types of garlic may be very tangy.

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