How to do

First put the oil in the pot.
Sauté the mince.
Mash large bites with a fork.
Add flour and brown it.
Add the sun root cut in dice size and add the lemon juice.
Add a little water and cook until sun root is tender.
(approximately 15 minutes)


Sun root is a vegetable that cooks fast.
Ready! Enjoy this delicious and healthy dish with your little gourmet. Bon Appetite!
Check it with a fork without crumbling the vegetables and then turn off the stove.



Earth apple contains very low amount of nitrate.
So don't add the water you use to cook earth apple to your foods.
If you baby has diarrhea, don't give them sun root.
It is a diuretic.
When you are going to introduce sun root to your baby, follow the three-day waiting rule. Consult your doctor if it's your baby's first time.

Keep in Mind

Sun root can be consumed raw, so it is possible to drizzle some olive oil on it and eat it raw. Also it is a great vegetable that increases breast milk production for breastfeeding babies.

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