How to do

Cook all the ingredients until they achieve a pudding like consistency.
Pour it into bowls and let them cool.
Done! A great treat for your little gourmet. He will love to share this joyful moment with youJ Bon Appetite!


Adjust the consistency and flavors in this recipe according to the taste of your little gourmet.
Some gourmets love a little sour taste whereas the others enjoy thick puddings.
It's up to your little gourmet to choose.
When cooking pudding, water you add should not be hot, otherwise rice will form lumps.
You have to stir it continuously while cooking.
It does not require a long cooking time.
If it is too thick, you may add some cold water during cooking and continue to stir it.
Don't forget that the pudding will be thicker when it cools down.
So it should be a little moist when you take it off the stove.
If your baby has recently started solids, you may increase the amount of water to keep it moister.
There is no harm in cooking it with extra water.
If you think the amount of water you used was too much, just cook it for one or two more minutes.


Cook it without sugar and when it is tepid add molasses or honey to sweeten it.

Keep in Mind

Babies need to start eating whole grains after month 6.
Compared to formula made with traditional regular rice, formula made with whole oats  or  brown rice flour would be a much nutritious alternative.
Traditional regular rice flour or starch is empty calorie.
Processed grains like white flour and regular rice lose most of its nutritional value.
Due to its natural fat content, whole grains become bug-infested much earlier than processed equivalents.
Thus be careful about the storage conditions of whole grains.

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