Benefits of beet root

Beet root is a savory food. Its benefits are countless. With all the vitamin content, beetroot can be one of the favorites of your baby. Boil beetroots and try dressing it with olive oil and lemon and maybe even some mustard if your baby is used to the taste of mustard. Your baby will love this special beetroot salad. Try it yourself, if you like beet root pickle, you will love this as well. Also for Gurme Bebek's original beetroot recipes  that both you and your babies will love, like winter puree with beet root, fried beetroot chips, click here.

If your baby suffers from  constipation, include beetroot in his diet.

Keep in mind

Best method of cooking beetroot is baking and steaming it. When you steam it, it is much easier to mash it. Besides this, steaming will help you to preserve the beta-carotene content of beetroot.

If you want to mash beetroot, you must remove its skin. Because even the adults have difficulty in digesting the skin of beetroot.


Experts believe that month 8 is the right time to introduce beetroot to babies. However due to its nitrate content, you should consult your doctor.

It is a diuretic food. If your little gourmet has  diarrhea please ask your doctor first to avoid increasing dehydration.


When picking beetroot, try to pick the medium sized ones instead of the big ones. They are usually more delicious.
And also try to pick the ones with leaves. They are fresher.

Nutritional value per 2 medium sized beet root;
35 IU Vitamin A
3.6 mg Vitamin C
80 mcg Folate
305 mg Potassium                                                  
77 mg Sodium
16 mg Calcium
38 mg Phosphor
23 mg Magnesium