Cauliflower is one of the foods that will make your baby stronger. It is even said that cauliflower calms your nerves.
Eating too much cauliflower lowers iodine absorption. You should not overcharge your baby with this strong food.

When cooking cauliflower, an unpleasant odor occurs. The reason for this is the sulphur compound in cauliflower. But consider the benefits of cauliflower and put up with the smell. Because cauliflower is effective against infections. It contains ferulic acid. And this turns it into an antibacterial food. Also heavy metals bind on ferulic acid and are eliminated from the body.

Keep in mind

When buying cauliflower, pick the ones with green leaves. These leaves will keep the cauliflower fresh.


Just like broccoli, cauliflower should also not be one of the first foods you give to your baby. It may cause gas . It is best to wait until month 8 to feed your baby cauliflower. If your baby has gas problem, you should wait a little longer to give him cauliflower.

Nutritional value per 1 cup of (100 gram) boiled cauliflower;

Vitamin A 13.0 IU
Vitamin C  46.4 mg
Vitamin K 16.0 mcg
Folate 57.0 mcg
Calcium 22.0 mg
Magnesium 15.0 mg
Phosphor 44.0 mg
Potassium 303 mg
Sodium 30.0 mg
Omega 3 - 37.0 mg
Omega 6- 11.0mg                                                 
Calorie 25
Protein 2 g
Sugar 2 g
Fiber 3 g