Benefits of Chickpea 
Chickpea contains an element called tryptophan. And this supports release of serotonin that plays an important role in controlling happiness and melatonin that is a sleep hormone. Also it is believed that chickpea increases breast milk supply. Also we should highlight that it is an appetizing food for mothers of delicate babies.
If you are tired of chickpea with meat, we can offer you many original chickpea dishes from patty with chickpea and chickpea formula with liver..For all chickpea recipes of Gurme Bebek, click here.

Keep in mind

You can use two cooking methods to prepare chickpea. Add 1 cup of chickpea to 2-3 cups of water and boil it for five minutes. Then turn the oven off and set it aside for 2 hours. This is the first method...

Second method is to wash chickpea and soak it in a pot filled with 1 cup of chickpea and 2 cups of water. Researches show that you have to soak it for minimum 4 hours. At the end of this four hours phytase enzymes in chickpea are activated. If you wish you can soak chickpea overnight. It would be better to keep the chickpea in the fridge until the morning. These methods will all shorten the cooking time of chickpea.

No matter which method you go with, always discard the water you use to soak the chickpea and never use it to cook the dish. After you discard this water, wash chickpea well under water. This way you will reduce the risk of gas problem in babies. 
Some mothers prefer to remove the skins after boiling them. This is a very exhaustive procedure but you may try it. 
To help with getting rid of the gas, you may add a pinch of cumin or grated nutmeg to the dish while cooking. 

It is a diuretic food. If your little gourmet has  diarrhea please ask your doctor first to avoid increasing dehydration.
Click here for methods to overcome diarrhea: 
Nutritional value per 1 cup of chickpea (164 gram);
Protein     14.5 g  
Vitamin A 44.3 IU
Vitamin C 2.1 mg
Vitamin K 6.6 mcg
Folate 282 mcg
Calcium 80.4 mg
Iron 4.7 mg
Magnesium 78.7 mg
Phosphor 276 mg                                                  
Potassium      477 mg   
Sodium     11.5 mg