100 gram Corn is 345 calories. It's starch content is extremely high. Unsaturated fatty acids contain starch and Vitamin A. Don't forget that Vitamin A is good for eyes, bones, teeth and kidneys.

However opinions about the time to start giving kernels to babies differ. According to the most conservative opinion this time is month 12. The reason for this is to introduce nutritious foods to babies during their first year. Corn has an ill reputation of being a "starchy food". So some doctors prefer to introduce corns at a later age. Another reason is that it is not easy to digest corn.

Keep in mind

You may store corn in the fridge.

After corn is picked, it starts to become unsavory. So to maintain its taste, you should store it in the fridge without tearing off the leaves. Tearing the leaves off results in starch. 

When buying corn, prefer sweet corn with bright green leaves.
And also it is very easy to cook the corn. You may cut of the kernels from the cob and boil it. another method is to steam it.

You may freeze and store cooked kernels in the freezer.


High amount of pesticide is used in production of corn. Besides this in many countries around the world seeds with GDO are being used. So you should prefer corn that have been produced without GDO and pesticide.
Corn is a food with a high risk of causing allergy. Be careful. When you introduce corn to your baby for the first time always follow the three day waiting rule .  
there is another point to take into consideration about corn. The kernels may stick in throat of your little gourmet.  
Nutritional value per 1 cup of boiled corn;

Vitamin A 392 IU
Vitamin C 8.2 mg
Potassium 325 mg
Calcium 4 mg
Phosphor 115 mg