There has been many things said about egg plant. Many pointed out that it didn't have any nutritious value. However researches made recently shows that eggplant is a good nutritional source.
Keep in mind
When buying eggplant pick the ones that have bright skin. The skin should look fresh and bright. Don't buy the ones with scratches on it.
When cooking eggplant, the methods we recommend are steaming, frying and baking it. But if you want to choose one, we recommend you to steam it. This way it will be much softer. 
As eggplant contains nicotine, it is not recommended for babies. You should consult your doctor before feeding your baby dish of eggplant.

It is a diuretic food. If your little gourmet has  diarrhea please ask your doctor first to avoid increasing dehydration. However if your baby suffers from constipation problem you may include dish with eggplant to your menu.
Some producers rub a special glaze on eggplant to keep it last longer and to avoid any spoil during transportation. Definitely peel off the eggplant that you will give to your baby. Don't leave its skin on.  Don't expose your child to unnecessary chemicals.
Nutritional value per 1 steamed eggplant (99 gram);

Protein 08 g                                                     Vitamin A 36.6 IU
Vitamin C  1.3 mg
Vitamin K 2.9 mcg
Folate 13 mcg
Calcium 5.9 mg
Magnesium 10.9 mg
Phosphor 14.8 mg
Potassium 122 mg
Sodium 237 mg
Omega 3 - 14.8 mg
Omega 6-77.2 mg                                                 
Fiber 2.5 g
Sugar 3.2 g
Calorie 32.7