As it is both delicious and nutritious peas can be one of the first foods that you can give your little gourmet. You may have difficulty with the pea pod while trying to mash it. If necessary, you can drain it through a mesh strainer.

Keep in mind

Always check its pod when picking peas. The pod of the fresh peas would be soft like velvet. Prefer the medium sized peas instead of the big ones.  You should consume peas in short time after buying. They spoil very easily. Cook it immediately after you buy it. Babies and children love peas. At early ages, you may give peas in mashed form and add it inside soups. Around 2 years old, most kids start eating peas (on condition that they are cooked well), they can easily mash it on their palate and chew it. For practical recipes with peas  click here.

Nutritional value per 1 cup of peas;

Vitamin A - 955.2 IU
Vitamin C  - 22.72 mg
Folate- 100.8 mcg
Vitamin B1 (thiamine) - .41 mg
Vitamin B6 - .35 mg
Potassium- 433.6 mg
Phosphor- 187.2 mg
Magnesium - 62.4 mg
Calcium - 43.2 mg
Sodium - 4.8 mg
Selenium - 3.0 mg
Iron - 2.5 mg
Zinc- 1.9 mg
Manganese - .8 mg