Benefits of pumpkin
Pumpkin / winter squash is rich in iron, potassium, protein, sodium, phosphor, calcium and magnesium. It plays a role in healthy development of bones in kids. Thanks to its iron content, it prevents anemia. Click here for our delicious pumpkin / winter squash recipes.
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It is a great food both for eye and brain health. Even though it contains sugar, it is not high in calorie. Fat and calorie rate of winter squash is low but its fiber content is very high. What's more is that little gourmets love winter squash as it is a slightly sweet food naturally. For this reason, you can use it to flavor your veggie puree and to prepare light and healthy sweets. It will have a very soft texture after it is boiled. It appeals to the taste buds of even the youngest gourmets.
You can give pumpkin to your baby after he is 6 months old. You can either mash it or mix the mashed squash with yoghurt or oat bran and even chicken. It will be a great start to introduce your little gourmets to the world of spices by adding a touch of cinnamon to mashed squash.
Keep in mind
If your little gourmet suffers from constipation, definitely add winter squash to your shopping list at its harvesting season to prepare him foods with pumpkin. It is good for constipation cause its fiber content is very high. Click here for methods to overcome constipation.
You should avoid buying winter squash in peel off and spiced form. You should better peel off its rind when you wish to eat it. This way it will not loose its nutritional value. 
You can cook it in hot water, steam it or bake it. Just be careful not to overcook winter squash. Or its vitamin content will be reduced. If you wish to bake it, bake it up to 45 minutes or one hour at 200 degrees.

Nutritional value per 1 cup of winter squash;
12230 IU Vitamin A
11.5 mg Vitamin C
2.0 Vitamin K
22 mcg Folate
364 mg Potassium                                                  
74 mg Phosphor
22 mg Magnesium
37 mg Calcium
2 mg Sodium
1.40 mg Iron