Benefits of turnip 

Turnip is a great  Vitamin C  source. It is rich in fiber. It is a great calcium source for your little gourmet.  If you ask how turnip is made, take a look at Gurme Bebek's turnip recipes by  clicking here.
Keep in mind 

When you are buying turnip make sure that it is not loose and does not have a very thick skin. If the leaves are still on, turnip will stay fresh longer. 

If you have a cold press, you may mix turnip with other fruits and vegetables and offer it as a drink to your baby so that it can get all the benefit from turnip's juice.
You should wash turnip well before removing its skin. Because sometimes producers coat it with a glaze. The best way is to wash and peel it. 

Nutritional value per 1 cup of turnip; 

Vitamin C 26.7 mg 
Vitamin K 6.7 mcg 
Potassium 573 mg 
Sodium 16 mg 
Calcium 58 mg 
Phosphor 108 mg 
Magnesium 45 mg