How to do

Chop the winter squash and apples finely.
Steam this combination.
Mash it when they are soft.
Add cinnamon and nut meg.

Keep in Mind

Some mother chefs don't cook fruits and vegetables together.
However some fruits go very well with vegetables.
Gurme Bebek invites you to be a little more adventurous in this respect.
As long as you support your babies and children to try different tastes and stick to a healthy diet, you will lead the way for them to become real gourmets.
Now it’s time a fun adventure of exploring and discovery. Explore this new dish; discover its new taste with your little one. Feel the amusement of being true explorers and enjoy your little adventure game. Bon Appetite!

Thanks to its iron content, winter squash is one of the foods that prevent anemia. We advise you to read our article about this topic.

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