It is normal that development of your baby is not as fast as the first few months but some mothers may panic from time to time. And eventually the same question cross the mind of every mother: "Oh no, am I feeding my baby adequately?"
Dear mother, this is another period of change. It is time to let go of your old habits. We are at the end of the "one eats while the other stares" period. You can no longer give your baby a banana while you enjoy an ice cream yourself. Your baby will want to eat whatever you are eating. So the smartest thing to do at that point is to review the nutritional value of the food at home and your eating-drinking habit as well. If you eat well, you will teach your baby to eat well too. Baby diet's good principles are the ones you should stick to as well :) Try not to eat guilty snacks right under his nose.

For diet table for month 12-18 click here.
As of month 12 and month 13, your little gourmet will be ready to try new tastes will be ready to try new tastes with you sitting by your side during meals.  If your baby is not prone to allergies , there will be only very few forbidden foods to exclude from your baby's diet. Allergic reactions  and digestion problems are seen less after month 12.
Believe it or not, your baby is now at an age that he will eat food by himself. Feeding himself plays an important role in development of self-confidence and independence and under the influence of these emotions, you will see your baby starting to eat foods that he normally refuses. Try to prepare the foods in forms that he can eat by himself. Always take into consideration his number of teeth and especially whether he has molar teeth  and the rate of his motor development. These will be the criteria that you will take as basis when preparing foods in proper forms for your baby. For finger foods  and golden rules regarding consumption of such, click here.