A blank new page. Back to square one. Sitting is not the favorite act of little gourmets around month 18 to month 24. It is that time when most mothers start chasing their baby around with a spoon in their hand. Because your little gourmet's have no intention to sit still in their feeding chair!  If you didn't get him to adopt a good habit of eating, you can be sure that things will not get easier from now on.  According to some experts, there is nothing wrong with this type of baby diet but these are the months that you should take control before your baby steps into the terrible two period. And don't forget that nothing is as hard as you imagine, when you act consistently for a short time, baby's will get used to anything.
Maybe it is hard to believe but your baby is ready to feed himself. If you didn't start yet, this is a great time to give him finger foods. Because he is now a master of chewing and swallowing and there is nothing you need to fear. Just be sure to follow the golden rules of finger foods .
Your little ones can have 3 main meals and 2 snacks in the period of month 18, month 19, month 20, month 21, month 22 and month 23Milk  is still an important part of your baby's diet. You can give them milk as snack. If he is still breast feeding, you are very lucky. Cow's milk and follow-on milk are important protein and calcium sources.  Of course it is good to keep in mind that the more milk he drinks the less he will eat in main meals. Balancing is important.  
And don't forget the snacks cause baby's that eat unhealthy snacks during this period turn this into a habit. You can be sure that your baby will always prefer ice cream to peas. Don't think there is no harm in giving it him for once, because when you introduce irresistible tastes like ice cream, chocolate, cookies to your little ones at early ages, broccoli will no longer be appealing. On top of that as these supply him with the calorie he needs, he will no longer seek for the calorie he will get from fruits and vegetables. So you should prepare both delicious and healthy snacks for your baby. 
Even if the calorie need changes depending on the age, height and activity level of the baby, experts believe that they need 1000-1400 calories in average during this period.
Accordingly your little ones should eat following every day:
400-500 ml milk  (or equivalent)
One serving of meat or legume
1 or 2 serving of vegetables
1-2 serving of fruits
1-2 serving of whole grains or 3 slices of whole wheat bread.
Don't forget that each child has his own way. These menus are just for guidance. Consult your doctor when preparing the menu for your child.

 Click here  for diet table for month 18-24.