How to do

Mash and puree the boiled cauliflower.
Combine the ingredients and achieve thick dough.
Add some olive oil to the non-stick pan and turn on the heat.
Take a spoon of the dough and fry both sides on the pan.
Very delicious and healthyJ
Bon Appetite!


The tip here is definitely the rind of lemon.
It adds a great flavor and adults will love these patties, too. You may prepare it without leeks if you wish; I add leek to add variety to this diet.
Both taste delicious!


Experts advice not to serve egg whites to babies before 1 year old; so if that’s the case, prepare this recipe only with the egg yolk.
Always consult your doctor about the foods you introduce your baby for the first time and follow the three-day waiting rule.

Keep in Mind

You cannot really feel the garlic but garlic, cauliflower and leek can cause gas.
If your baby suffers from gas problems, you should limit these ingredients.

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