How to do

Chop the carrots.
Remove the leaves from the bottom of the Cauliflower, cut the stem and break the florets.
Sautee the garlic and onion in a large pot with some oil.
Add the spices and pour the chicken broth.
Add the cauliflower and carrots; boil them a little.
Cauliflower and carrots will turn tender in 30 minutes.
Stir and boil cauliflower and carrots until they are tender.
Turn off the oven when they are soft.
Wait for ten minutes.
Blend it with a blender.
There you go! A yummy, warm, healthy soup to put a smile on your little gourmet’s face… You enjoy a little smile yourself; you’ll be amazed to see how much difference a little smile would makeJ Bon Appetite!


If you want to achieve a more creamy taste, you may replace two cups of chicken broth with milk of the equivalent amount.
In other words you may use four cups of chicken broth and two cups of milk.
Due to digestive problems that milk may cause, Gurme Bebek advises you to exclude milk from the recipe for babies under the age of 1.


Methods to make your baby like vegetables
This recipe has garlic in it.
If you are not sure whether your baby will be able to digest garlic, remove garlic from the recipe.

Keep in Mind

Unfortunately sometimes babies and children do not like the taste of vegetables.
If you would like to learn about the methods for how to make babies like vegetables, we advise you to read our article in this link.

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