How to do

Remove the cherry stems, wash and pit the cherries.
Add some water, cherry and sugar or molasses to the cooking pot.
Cook for approximately 15 minutes at low heat.
When the water evaporates and you have the puree left in the pot, take it off the stove and let it cool.
Add the cheese, mash and mix it.
Enjoy this sweet treat with your little gourmetJ Bon Appetit!


Little gourmets who have just started eating solids may not be fond of the taste of feta cheese in the beginning.
For more information about how to adopt babies and children to the taste of feta cheese and to learn benefits of feta cheese, click here.
We advise you to use molasses instead of sugar.
You can boil it only with water, without any sugar added, and you can add molasses and cheese when it is tepid.
Click here for benefits of molasses


Always consult your doctor about the foods you will feed to your baby for the first time and  follow the three day waiting rule .
For molasses related cancer risk and matters to be cautious about, click here

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