How to do

Boil all the ingredients in a small amount of water.
Don't pour the water at once; just gradually add it.
Don't let the dish be too watery.
Blend all with a blender.
Then add a little semolina, approximately half a teacup and thicken it.
Cook it a little more and adjust its consistency.
Your puree is ready! Tasty and very healthy!
Don't forget to taste it together with your little gourmet.
Bon Appetite!


Always consult your doctor about the foods you introduce your baby for the first time and follow the three-day waiting rule. 
For Introducing dried fruits and information on dried fruits click here.

Keep in Mind

Natural, nutritious and healthy puree.
Babies love it.
It is also ideal to store it in a container and take it with you while travelling.
It looks like a formula jar with fruits.
I made this recipe up and even my son who has a poor appetite loves it.
I hope you try it and enjoy it!

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