How to do

Wash the date palm, apricot and plum. Place them in a pot; add water just to cover them and bring to boil.
After removing the seeds of the fruits, process them in a food processor or pas through a sieve.
Add and mix the other ingredients.
If you have ice bars or other molds, pour the mixture into these and freeze in the deep-freezer.
Serve it to your baby after taking it out of the mold.
A very healthy dessert and a sweet treat with no added sugar J
This is the recipe of my sister; I used to eat this together with my nephew :)
When Duru gets a little older, instead of giving her chocolate I will try this homemade recipe for sure.


You may skip cacao and go with natural sweeteners like coconut etc. if you wish…


Use egg yolk and water for babies younger than the age of 1.
Always consult your doctor about the foods you introduce your baby for the first time and follow the three-day waiting rule. 
For information about introducing dried fruits and information about dried fruits click here.
The opinions about the right time to introduce walnut vary but generally it is not recommended before age 1.
For information about walnut click here.

Keep in Mind

You may increase the amount of walnut to achieve thicker consistency or you may use homemade baby biscuits (crumbled).

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