What is starch-based sugar (NBS)?

Starch is a sugar molecule composed of the sugar glucose. It is produced by chemically processing the cornstarch. Starch is converted into glucose and then the glucose is converted into fructose. In other words starch-based sugar produced from corn contain high amounts of fructose, in other words, fruit sugar.

Fructose does not provide a feeling of fullness. Corn syrup’s effects on human health are under research nowadays, as it is trying to replace beet sugar. There are studies claiming that it causes chronic diseases and cancer so we need to watch out.
Corn syrup is sweeter than sugar produced from beet sugar and it is both cheaper and easier to transport. This means lower costs and higher profits for producers! Corn syrup contains fructose (fruit sugar) up to 90 percent. Saccharose produced from beet (sucrose) contains half fructose and half glucose. Saccharose: has sweetness of 100 whereas glucose had 74 and fructose has 173.
Products that contain starch based sugar

NBS is already banned in some EU countries. In countries where it is still on the shelves,  it is not used only as a sweetener but it is also used for its function of absorbing humidity and for extending shelf life of products.
It is used as flavor in alcoholic beverages, carbonated drinks, fruit juices and used to boost flavor and for fermentation in chocolates, candies, desserts, biscuits and bakery products. It is used in processed foods like dairy products, ketchup, mayonnaise, instant soup and when preserving fruits and vegetables in brine.
But you should know that scientists don't think fructose is an innocent sugar. It’s known that it causes weight gain and diabetes by triggering insulin resistance. So when you are buying a product, always look for the sugar type that it contains On some packages corn syrup is referred to as "starch based liquid sugar", in short "NBSŞ". It is named as HFCS in USA. However labels do not state the amount of fructose used. You should always pay attention to this in any food you are giving your little gourmet. The best way to feed your baby safely is this: Just keep unhealthy snacks away. Try to feed him the foods you prepare at home as much as possible and everything will be just fine. Little kitchen time, which you can turn into joyful moments, is what you need for healthy and happy days coming ahead.

Harmful health effects of starch based sugar

Starch based sugar’s most established and widely accepted effect is that it does not stimulate satiety in the brain. It is claimed to cause various chronic diseases from cancer to heart diseases and liver failure as well. Medical authorities agree on obesogenic impact of fructose containing foods. Scientists working independently claim that fructose causes obesity and metabolic syndrome.
Glucose is used by all body cells whereas fructose is only required for liver and required up to 15 grams only. Any excess amount of fructose increases uric acid levels and causes various diseases like obesity, fattening of the liver and other internal organs and leads to pancreas cancer, heart diseases, tooth decay, depression, kidney, gout, high blood pressure, migraine and varicosis. Metabolic syndrome caused as the result of fattening of organs increases number of patients with cirrhosis, liver cancer, liver resection (surgical removal of part of the liver) and patients that need transplantation. There is an increase in gall bladder infection without stone and acute pancreatitis incidents. So you’d better watch out and act accordingly while designing your and your baby’s diets.