Why is my baby constipated?  

One of the unattractive issues to deal with at these periods is constipation. But don’t let it drop its shadow on your daily life. Constipation is a frequently seen problem when solid foods are introduced. In general babies who breastfeed exclusively tend to get constipated more when you start feeding them solid foods. The reason for this is that their small stomach is used to breast milk that is easily digested. 

Other reasons for constipation are feeding your baby with foods that are low in fiber and fluid. 
Usually when babies are not drinking enough fluids and their food does not contain enough fiber, constipation appears. Keep in mind that diets of excessive milk and dairy products may also cause constipation. 

What should I feed my baby to prevent constipation?  

Small changes that you will make in the diet of your little gourmet will help her to easily deal with constipation. 
Give plenty of water to her during the day. Feed her with fruits and vegetables that are high in fiber.  Also whole grain and whole-wheat bread are good cures for constipation. 

Also by consulting your doctor you may try giving diluted grape or plum juice to babies about 4 months old and they will help, too.
Foods to eat when constipated; 
Apricot, dry prune, peach, fresh plum, pear, spinach, sweet peas, melon, cayenne pepper, oats, winter squash, cucumber, purslane, radish, sun root, beetroot, eggplant, zucchini, raw carrot. 

What should I avoid giving my baby when constipated?  

Banana, milk, chocolate, French fries, rice, cooked carrot, quince. 

What are the other remedies besides nutrition?  

This is the time for your baby to get a sweet little treat and pamper herself! Because it’s time for a relaxing spa  massage… During babyhood, gently massage your baby's belly in a clockwise direction. Rub your hands together until some heat builds up and massage your baby with your hands. This will feel so relaxing that you may wish for the same sweet pampering for yourself some time :)
Also, placing your baby on his/her back and gently moving his/her legs in a forward, circular motion as if he/she was pedaling a bicycle is effective. This will help the baby to relieve gas. 
Whether he/she is a baby or an infant, it's always helpful to have your baby sit in a bathtub filled with warm water. This will also bring peace and joy to light up your beautiful baby’s day!
If your child is old enough to sit on a toilet bowl, make sure he/she sits there at the same time every day. Even if he/she does not need to go the toilet, try to make him/her sit there for ten minutes. This way, he/she will know that he/she will go to the toilet at that specific time every day and this will help regulate his/her digestive system. Try to stick to this plan for minimum fifteen days. After a while you will see that she needs to go to the toilet every day at that specific time. If your child's feet do not touch the floor, place a step stool under her feet. It's not easy to make your toilet when your feet are not on the ground. If you place a stool under her, she will get support by stepping on it and things would be easier.
Last but not least, you can give her a pear and warm water before breakfast on an empty stomach. This will help, too.