How to do

Add olive oil in a  pot and then add the chopped onion and carrots.
Add sugar.
Add moon-shaped celeries and sauté them for 5 minutes.
Add the orange juice and salt.
Cook for 3-4 minutes
Orange juice should be a little below the level of celery. (Amost 1 cm.)
Add celery to the dish without cutting its leaves and cook for 5 minutes; turn off the stove.
Serve it when it is cold. Yummy and very nutiritousJ Bon Appetit!


You may eat both the root, stem and leaves of celery.
For more information about celery, click here.


Methods to make your baby like vegetables.
Orange may be too acidic for some babies.
It is good to act cautious.

Keep in Mind

Little gourmets sometimes dislike the taste of vegetables.
We advise you to read our article to learn about the methods to make your baby love vegetables.

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