Nutritionist Müge Özyurt Şafak

Do not neglect iron intake!

You’ve made it to the second trimester, congratulations! Now you’re stronger than ever; growing life, breathing life, nothing can stop you…You’re tough like iron and you feel it to the bone… And your baby needs to feel it too! Therefore at this period of your pregnancy, keep one word in mind: “Iron!” At this period, both the baby and the placenta needs more iron due to higher blood volume. Iron is found in hemoglobin, which is responsible for carrying of oxygen to cells and it supports production of blood. The best sources of iron are red meat, egg, grape and mulberry molasses, dried fruits, dark green leafy vegetables, legume and oily seeds like hazelnut oil. Iron from foods of animal origin has higher bio efficacy compared to vegetable based iron. They are absorbed and metabolized more by our body. That’s why you should have eggs, read meat or vegetable dishes with meat or legumes every day. Iron deficiency in pregnancy may cause anemia, fatigue, lack of appetite and dizziness.

Watch out for vitamin B12!

Meet B12; an essential player crucial for the development of neural system. Keep in mind that deficiency may cause neural system disorders, pernicious anemia and congenital anomalies. You should absolutely have no worries as Vitamin B12 is found in animal origin foods like meat, fish, milk, cheese, egg (and found in them only). Thus if you are a vegetarian or if you don’t consume enough meat and dairy products, you must take vitamin B12 supplements. In daily nutrition, inadequate protein, Vitamin A and folic acid intake plays a negative role in intestinal absorption of Vitamin B12. So in this period, always pay attention to your diet (starting on Monday is a thing of the past now, so focus.) At this period of your pregnancy, you have to pay attention to eating foods from all food groups.

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