How to do

Add oat flour and semolina to water or milk; stir until it starts boiling.
After cooked, mash it; add walnut, mild cream cheese and boiled egg.
A great dish for a nutritious and tasty breakfast… A great and fresh way to start off the day for your little gourmets… The rest of the day will be as fresh and greatJ Bon Appetite!


Use egg yolk and water for babies younger than age 1.
Always consult your doctor about the foods you will feed to your baby for the first time and  follow the three day waiting rule 
There are different opinions about the age to introduce walnuts but in general it is not recommended before age of 1.
For information about walnut click here..

Keep in Mind

Oat flour, organic rice and semolina can be used as substitutes of one another.
We do not recommend using packed products.
If you are going to use mild cream cheese, use homemade cream cheese or whey cheese.
Click here for home-made whey cheese
Click here for home-made mild cream cheese

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