How to do

Cover semolina with milk.
Cook it until it thickens.
Then pour it in bowls and let it cool a little.
Top it with grated strawberries and grounded hazelnut.
When it is cool enough add molasses.
Let your little ones enjoy this delicious recipe. It’s a sweet world, a lovely treat, and a yummy time for them. Enjoy these sweet moments of fun with your little gourmets. Bon appetite!


Make sure you stir it to prevent lump formation.
And always wait for the pudding to cool before you add molasses.


Cow's milk should be given to little ones after age 1.
Also babies may be allergenic to hazelnut and strawberry and when you are going to give these to your baby for the first time, always consult your doctor and follow the 3-day rule.

Keep in Mind

When molasses is exposed to high temperature, it may be harmful.

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