How to do

Cook the rice in a pot.
Cook the semolina in another pot with milk at medium heat. Then add in the boiled rice and the oatmeal.
When it has the pudding consistency, cube-cut the dried fruits and add it to the mixture. Then add some butter and turn off the stove.
Finally add the walnut and grated orange.
Don't add sugar to sweeten it; fruits are enough to flavor this pudding.
You may drizzle honey or date palm extract over the pudding right before serving.
The whole family enjoyed this delicious puddingJ Bon Appetite!


If you are going to cook this pudding only for your baby, you may decrease the amount of ingredients as much as you want.


Always consult your doctor about the foods you introduce your baby for the first time and follow the three-day waiting rule.
The links below the recipe include information about the right time to introduce dried fruits to your baby!
Please remove any ingredient from the recipe that your baby is not used to eating.

Keep in Mind

If the consistency is thick, you may add milk to dilute it.
If you want the pudding to look like it has cacao in it, you may add locust bean flour.
Date palm extracts are obtained by pressing method without boiling them, so they are natural sweeteners that have a great consistency.
You may remove or add some ingredients for babies with allergies. We can always count on natural fruits to keep our child away from sweets.

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